Essentially, Pinboard 2.0 takes the original concept of the RISC OS "Pinboard" adding further extensions, whilst at the same time incorporating the more natural elements of other operating systems. Existing users, as well as those new to RISC OS, will therefore be able to have a consistent experience across platforms


  • Open source licence, written in C (to RISC OS standards)
  • Written in C for future portability and easy maintenance
  • Compatible with previous Pinboard
  • Compatible with RISC OS Ltd (Adjust/Six) Pinboard
  • New functionality configurable to classic behaviour when practical
  • Allows more wallpaper graphic formats via ChangeFSI
  • Ability to cache wallpaper conversion to sprite. Native JPEG rendering is super-slow for large JPEGs, causing noticeable drop in smoothness when dragging windows. Using a pre-converted sprite is much faster, at the expense of a little extra RAM.
  • Allows wallpapers to fill the screen dimensions (ie. under iconbar) to avoid unwanted rescaled aspect ratios - eg. a 1920x1080 backdrop can properly fill a 1920x1080 desktop, rather than being scaled down to accommodate the iconbar or spilling off the screen.
  • No need to save pinboard before shutting down.
  • Better text blending, so that text backgrounds aren't necessary
  • Allows files to be saved to Pinboard. Solves the classic RISC OS "issue" of where to save files when screen is full. Also helps new users who expect to be able to save to the Desktop. This is achieved via a configurable folder which by default lives in <Choices$Write>.Pinboard
  • Indicates pinned files vs saved files
  • Allows filer-like operations
  • "Sticky" notes
  • Wallpaper carousel feature


Click on the buttons below to download Pinboard 2.0 full version and source code

Download the zip file and save to a RISC OS device.

Instructions for both the full install and source code are contained as a ReadMe files inside the zip.

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