RISC OS is a high performance and low footprint operating system that provides a modern desktop interface coupled with easy access to programming, hardware and connectivity. It continues to incorporate the world-renowned programming language, BBC BASIC, and remains amazingly compact, fitting onto a tiny 16MB SD card.

Originally developed in Cambridge, England; RISC OS was the first operating system for the ARM series of microprocessors and one of the first to support the massively successful Raspberry Pi, for which it remains an ideal companion.

Now truly open, RISC OS has a wider scope than just the Pi, with support for ARM-based CPUs from the likes of Texas Instruments, Intel, Broadcom, Freescale, NXP and more. RISC OS makes an ideal choice for royalty-free ARM-based projects from “smart home” controllers and industrial automation, to medical and database servers.

RISC OS provides "close to the metal" performance, making it ideally suited to single-board-computers, the system boots almost instantly, and reaches a full graphical desktop in seconds.

RISC OS was the first home for many famous software packages, including industry leading titles such as the Sibelius music processing family and the Xara range of graphics products. It also famously powered the graphics and production of many TV shows including household names such as "Who Wants to be a Millionaire", “The National Lottery” and “A Question of Sport”, plus many other iconic BBC productions.

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RISC OS Developments Ltd
Barling Road
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Formed in 2016 in order to:
  • provide investment into RISC OS
  • provide development into RISC OS
  • provide development into RISC OS applications
  • bring RISC OS to new markets